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 We are developing an executable strategy for the regular publication of novellas in the crime fiction strain. To that end we will be relying on the Noir Nation mailing list for feedback on how best to accomplish it. If you'd like to participate in that effort please sign up. 

We begin with zero illusions about recovering expenditures, including editorial investment, Adobe Creative Suite book and jacket design & production, eBook conversion, copy-writing, and promotion, and the creation or licensing of graphical art. 
Why would we do this to ourselves? 
Simply put, we believe that the novella is a valuable art  form that not only has a fundamental right to exist but also a storied right to be celebrated regardless of how they do at the checkout register.   
Offhand, we'd like to publish 2 or 3 a year in addition to 2 or 3 issues of the Noir Nation journal. 

More to come...
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